Jun 042008

Wow! Barak Obama really IS for change. He’s no different from the Clintons or Bush in that he, too, wants to nationalize and centralize our once-federated system of law enforcement. But he is different in how he’s going about it.

Back in the day, when Bill Clinton was president, he climbed into a church pulpit and proclaimed his Crime Bill to be the Will of God. He was trying to provide supplemental funding for local police departments. And funding of course gives control to the funder.

But according to this note in The Weekly Standard, (available only to subscribers), the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act,” which “would impose collective bargaining on all but the smallest local governments” would do it differently. Instead of giving money, it would impose federal control over employer-employee relations.

But the worst component of the bill is its insistence on federal authority over police and fire services. America has gone from being the most dangerous and fire-prone Western nation to one of the safest and most fire-free largely because its police and fire systems respond so well to local needs. The proposed new federal authority over police and fire labor relations opens the door to greater federal authority over every other aspect of public safety.

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