Rich richer

Nov 162012

Blue states are where the rich get richest and poor the poorest.  Cause and effect might go both ways, in a vicious circle. If so, it’s a good thing for blue politicians and their cronies, if not for the people themselves.

The CBPP’s attitude toward all that? Never mind. Their attachment to the blue state model reminds one of the communist apologists who insisted in the face of all evidence that the system just hadn’t been tried hard enough. At least they’ll be getting their laboratory in the years ahead. California has just voted to double down on blue state policies with higher taxes and Democratic supermajorities in the state government. The nation will be watching.

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Oct 062012

Like Karl Marx said, From each according to his ability to have money beat out of him by the IRS, to each one-percenter according to his need to live a grandiose lifestyle.

perhaps celebrities are merely emulating the well-heeled production companies that have just hit up California taxpayers for another $200 million. Is this what Hollywood liberals call social justice?

Governor Jerry Brown this week signed a two-year extension of a film and television tax credit that his Republican predecessor Arnold Schwarzenegger supported in 2009. The credit is essentially a dolled-up subsidy. For every dollar that production companies spend on a project in the state, they get credited 20 to 25 cents against their state sales and income taxes. Nice deal if you can get it.

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