Words from President Obama

Dec 012012

I guess it depends on the WSJ headline writer’s definition of “offer”.

Obama’s Cliff Offer Spurned : GOP Criticizes Proposal for Tax, Spending Increases With Limited Entitlement Cuts

via GOP Rejects Cliff Offer From Obama – WSJ.com.

For example:

  • Nov 29 2012: “Obama’s Cliff Offer Spurned”
  • Aug 31 1939: “Hitler’s Danzig/Corridor offer spurned by Poland.”
  • Dec 8 1941: “Japan’s Hawaii offer spurned by FDR”

And yes, I suppose in a manner of speaking Obama could be said to have offered limited entitlement cuts. He also offered limited tax and spending increases, but only in the sense that he didn’t explicitly use the word “infinite.”

Nov 142012

President Barack Obama bluntly told Sen. John McCain and other Republicans to lay off their attacks against U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice over the Benghazi assault, telling lawmakers that if they go after her “then you have a problem with me.” And Obama, speaking at his first postelection press conference, vowed that Republican opposition would not dissuade him from nominating Rice to replace departing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

via Obama warns McCain: Go after U.N. Ambassador Rice? ‘You have a problem with me’ | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

Sep 092010

A comment I posted after reading Daniel Henninger’s WSJ article, “A President’s Class War : Where on the income scale does Mr. Obama divide the country between us and them?

There he goes again, talking about “special interests” as though special interests are bad. But all interests are special interests, including those of the President. Especially including those of the current President. There is no single, uniform, common interest. The government should promote the general welfare, but one doesn’t do that by denying the validity of special interests.

Cherish the diversity, Mr. President. It’ll do your outlook on life a world of good. Lose the bitterness, and you won’t have to cling to your failed government controls and regulations.

Jun 272010

Set aside for a moment President Obama’s statement that it’s about Barak Obama, and how it’s important for us to learn about him rather than for him to learn about us.

When he presents these difficult choices, I wonder if he means they’re going to be difficult for the people to accept or difficult for Obama to accept.

People should learn that lesson about me because next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits and debt step-up because I’m calling their bluff.


May 182010


I think of President Obama every time I see this how-to guide for parents: “How to explain to your child that you’re going to sell him.”

According to the English-Russia web site where I first saw it, it’s one of a series of fake book covers designed to ward off kibbitzers. You put your real book inside it. People will leave you alone to read in peace.

Unfortunately, in the case of President Obama it’s no joke. Like when he put pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to agree to the euro bailout for Greece. I don’t know why he wanted to put his fingerprint on that act of selling people down the river, unless it was his way of writing the contents for the above book.

Here’s a good article explaining who he was helping and who is being sold to pay for it: Greek Myths and the Euro Tragedy by John H. Cochrane in the May 18 WSJ.

And here is one about the health care plan that he said would allow us to keep our existing health plans: No, You Can’t Keep Your Health Plan (by Scott Gottleib in the same issue of the WSJ). It’s like he was explaining to us, “Certainly you can keep walking. We’re going to break your kneecaps, but nobody’s going to stop you from trying.”

May 112010

Does anyone else remember when President Obama was against special interests? Seems like it was just yesterday.

Battle Creek Enquirer News item:

In a major victory for organized labor, unions will have an easier time signing up airline and railroad workers after the Obama administration today changed a 76-year-old rule on union elections.

The change is the most significant so far in a string of White House moves designed to boost unions, which are struggling to reverse years of decline in membership.

Apr 022010

My comment to the Battle Creek Enquirer article, “Obama hails job news

So one day President Obama is telling critics that it has only been a week, that we need to give his health care takeover time to work. Then one jobs report comes out with some good news. It’s far too early to tell if a trend has been established, but the President jumps up and says it shows the economy is turning around.

So how are we supposed to know when patience is a good thing and when it’s better to jump to conclusions?

Apr 012010

Not so long ago a health care bill had to be cobbled together and rushed through Congress while it was still being put together, before people had a chance to digest what was really in it. Now President Obama is suddenly in less of a rush and urges patience. Too bad he didn’t lead by example when he had a chance.

From a USA Today article:

President Obama urged Americans to wait and see how well his new health care plan works, chiding “pundits” who talk about “another poll or headline that said, ‘nation still divided on health care reform.’ “