Jun 012008

Karl Marx said religion is the opiate of the people. Paul Greenberg doesn’t believe it. He says socialism is the opiate of the people.

Not quite. He should have said socialism is the crack cocaine of the people. It makes them feel they can do anything, such as enact nationalized health care without having any idea how to avoid the adverse effects it has had for every nation that has tried it. It’s a sense of hubris much like that which made George W. Bush take us to war in Iraq. It’s not unlike the user who said,

Socialism made me feel beautiful and powerful. … This is what I had been looking for all my life. The socialism gave me confidence, it made me feel accepted, it diminished and minimized my fears … With socialism I was invulnerable; nothing could touch me.

Well, it was actually a cocaine addict who said that, and she didn’t use the word “socialism.”

  • cl

    Hi, just being pesky in a friendly way..

    In the context of arguing against socialized medicine, you wrote about “..adverse effects it has had for every nation that has tried it..” Why don’t you list them so one might debate you on this point? All of my adverse effects have come from our current healthcare mess. As I’m not a regular reader here, I have to ask: Are you of the opinion our healthcare system is efficient? I personally feel tax dollars are better spent on people who need medical attention and food – not people that we’re told need democracy.

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