Wish I knew

Oct 042007

(AP) — Mounting tiny video cameras to the tail feathers of crows, researchers discovered that the birds use a variety of tools to seek food, and even make their own tools, plucking, smoothing and bending twigs and grass stems.

Yet how do we know these same birds haven’t been researching us, too?  How do we know they haven’t inserted tiny video cameras in the corners of our windows?

Oct 022007

Black walnut trees on September 20

I wish I knew

why the black walnut trees in our yard still have lots of leaves, even though it’s October already! The ones lining the county road less than half a mile away away lost their leaves long ago, as self-respecting Juglans nigra should. The photo above is of some that had mostly lost their leaves by September 20, which is still a bit late in the year to have as many as are shown. But those in our yard still have lots more than that.