Mar 242011

The latest issue of The Weekly Standard just arrived.   It reminds me of the article in today’s WSJ, Forced into Medicare : A federal judge tells seniors to take it or lose Social Security.   That article has news to remind us that the left really doesn’t care about helping out the less fortunate so much as controlling people’s lives.   It’s another example of how the left finds it offensive that there are people who won’t take part in social welfare programs.   It makes me wonder if these people are in constant need some sort of Eroticism-of-Power fix.  (If there’s not a Latin name for that syndrome, there should be.)

Then I see The Weekly Standard, and I have to wonder the same thing about a certain type of conservative.    The theme is, “Once more into the breach.”   We are told that inside there are articles on the air strikes in Lybia:

  • Max Boot: Qaddafi must go
  • Thomas Donnelly & Gary Schmitt:  No substitute for power
  • William Kristol:  The party of freedom
  • Stephen F. Hayes: The slow-motion president

It makes me wonder if we can count on these conservatives to grok the concept of a government of limited powers.    Especially that Donnelly & Schmidt title makes me wonder.