Jul 212011

I don’t watch television news, but I learned from the internet that a reporter named Contessa Brewer recently asked a U.S. Representative who disagreed with her if  he had a degree in economics.   (His answer:  “Yes ma’am, I do.  Highest honors.”)   URL here.

That’s a good start.  But reporters need to start asking President Obama questions like that, too.

And instead of just printing his campaign ads as news, they should ask him these questions about the debt limit debates:

  • If the debt limit is not raised or is not raised enough to pay for all of the nation’s spending, which would you cut first?   a)  NPR/CPP subsidies  b) ag subsidies  c) NEA subsidies  d) Social Security  [A non-answer would be almost as good as an answer.]
  • If the debt limit is not raised enough right away to pay for all the nation’s spending, will you use your $128 billion in unspent stimulus funds to help pay the bills?   Or is it more important for you to hang on to it to pay for your 2012 re-election campaign?
Jul 012011


From CNS news, as reported by Terence Jeffrey (H/T James Taranto):

“President Barack Obama’s approval has hit an all-time low among the poorest Americans, according to the Gallup poll. Meanwhile, when compared to the other income brackets reported by Gallup, Obama’s approval is highest among the richest Americans.”

Like I’ve said, Establishment Republicans and Leftwing Democrats combine to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Q.  So why is he going after corporate jets?

A.  That’s not his real target any more than Normandy was Eisenhower’s target.