Jan 292012

Coldwater MI, June 2010 - coal powered

Even if Wikipedia was censored, students would still be able to learn by reading the WSJ headlines which party controls the U.S. government administration.     Note the contrast between the headline where the cheerleading is done  (to be read by the masses) and the subheadline that provides a more sober view (and is read by fewer people):

Headline:   U.S. Economy Picks Up Steam

Subheadline:  Fourth-Quarter Growth Rate of 2.8% is Fastest in 18 Months, but Doesn’t Appear Sustainable

WSJ headline, January 28, 2012

Jan 142012

church with buttress

News blurb on the front page of the WSJ (Friday, January 13):

A Justice Department opinion buttressed Obama’s contention that his recess appointments last week were constitutional.

Um, considering scandals such as Fast and Furious and the its handling of the 2008 voter intimidation case, wouldn’t that be like saying Newt Gingrich buttressed Herman Cain’s contention that there was no affair?