May 192008

McCain is true to form, sharpening his knives for carrying out his administration’s agenda, which will be to stab conservatives in the back at every opportunity.

But what to make of James Dobson, who wants to have a private meeting with him. Dobson has already indicated he won’t support McCain. What difference would a meeting make? Does Dobson want McCain to tell him special things in secret that he won’t say in public? Does he want some secret agreement? Is he willing to sell his vote and his support in exchange for some secret promise?

Religious leaders would be better off not endorsing candidates, anyway. They lose their moral credibility even when they support good candidates, because sometimes those candidates are going to do things they should not be part of. They can instead speak out on principles, e.g. the value of human life, and then let their followers learn how to incorporate those principles in their lives by deciding for themselves what to do at the ballot box. That’s how to create a strong movement that has deep roots.

Here’s from Novak’s article:

An invitation for Sen. John McCain to meet with evangelical leader James Dobson at his Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., so far has been rebuffed by the McCain campaign.

Dobson has indicated he cannot support McCain for president. His opposition reflects continued resistance to the prospective presidential nominee among Christian conservatives. They take issue with McCain’s current positions on stem cell research, immigration and global warming, as well as his past sponsorship of campaign finance reform.