Oct 012012

This is of course  nonsense. No industry is going to object to each and every thing that would change the status quo.  If their income doubled, that would change the status quo, but they wouldn’t object.  If there were changes to the status quo that helped them do a better job for patients, and it happened to coincide with their own interests, they wouldn’t object to any such changes.

One becomes suspicious of people who instead of answering the objections trot out nonsense about people not wanting change.  It makes one wonder why they won’t respond to the objections.  One possible reason is they don’t have very good arguments.

“It’s modest, but it’s a start,” said Dr. John Santa, director of the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center. “Should we be surprised that industry is objecting? You would expect them to object to anything that changes the status quo.”

via News from The Associated Press.