Jun 222010

I hereby confer on Caleb Stegall the Leviathan Ankle-Biter Award, to be enjoyed by him with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.

He wrote an article at Front Porch Republic in which he gently resists the the Lightning Monitor Priestess who will not allow kids to play ball under a clear sky when her oracle says there is lightning in the area.

It strikes me as bizarre how demure and passive this crowd is and these coaches are in accepting the judgment passed upon us all from a little black box. What a trifling thing it is to control man! How easily we believe in fairy tales when they come cloaked in the black box of authority and superior knowledge. And the digital readout is only the latest version of the king’s sword. In contrast to the sunny sky, my inner weather darkens and I think that here are people not yet ready to confront and resist the stifling and deadly black boxes of arbitrary authority pronouncing their judgments from Topeka or Washington D.C.