Dec 232009

Democrats are in a mad rush to enact a health care plan that people don’t want. The more people learn about it, the less they like it, and the harder the Democrats work to get an even worse one enacted, even if it means violating the peace and harmony of the Christmas season.

I don’t quite understand that behavior. Yes, I understand that they want to subjugate the American people. That’s a natural and common human behavior, albeit an unlovely one. But I don’t understand the self-destructive mania by which they redouble their efforts.

Unfortunately, the only parallel I could think of is one involving Nazis and extermination camps. That seems a little extreme, even for what the Democrats are doing. Even to mention it is likely to draw reactions like “How dare you compare health care with the holocaust!” instead of leading to a dispassionate analysis of the features that the two instances do and don’t have in common. But that’s all I had, so here is the way I explained it on a political e-mailing list:

I have a little different take on it, but I need to invoke St. Godwin to explain it. Well, I can’t really explain it, but I can think of an analogy that might help us look for an explanation.

The Democrats are like the Nazis in the closing days of WWII. The Nazis were in retreat and knew they were losing. Yet instead of rethinking their ideology and trying to reform their ways before having to face the victors, they only increased the ferocity and rate at which they sent Jews to the gas chambers. Similarly, the Democrats know they are losing, but this only increases the ferocity of their attacks on the health of the American people. They have no time to lose!

I have never understood the psychology by which the Nazis did what they did, but it’s interesting that it seems not to have been a one-off phenomenon.

But then one of the other members of the list came to my rescue and gave us another example. It turns out that what we’re seeing in Congress may not be quite such a rare human phenomenon, after all.

When one of our daughters was about 2 years old, we were looking for her one day, and saw a lump underneath one of the curtains in the kitchen. We could see crumbs on the floor beneath her, and knew she was eating cookies that she had nabbed and sneaked off with. When we lifted the curtain, and she knew she was discovered, what did she do? She upshifted, and started cramming cookies into her mouth twice as fast.

Incidentally, though I am as wary of St. Godwin’s law as anyone else, I think it should be repealed. We all have the same DNA and the same temptations as the Nazis. They are an extreme example of how bad people can be, but they were not outside the human species. Bringing them into a discussion should be the beginning of the conversation, not the end of it.