Oct 172009

This is what I posted as a comment to the WSJ editorial: “Cash for Oldsters : A $250 bribe to help the ObamaCare medicine go down.”

If there ever was any doubt that the Obama administration is capable of instituting death panels for senior citizens, or the moral equivalent thereof, it has been removed by this $250 ploy.

It shows his utter contempt for old people that he would think he could throw them a $250 bone and get them to wag their tails and lick his hand for it. It shows he thinks they’re too stupid to see past their next meal. Somebody who is that cynical, who has that little respect for people, is not a person to trust anywhere near the people who prescribe medications and tend hospital beds.

He may get his way, though. Here’s my recommendation. Let’s make public heroes out of all the oldsters who take their $250 payment, or any significant portion of it, and donate it to organizations that will work to unelect the people who enacted it.

Another comment in response to somebody’s discussion of AARP:

I’m 61 but have never joined AARP. It’s because of it being a left-wing activist organization. I have long been prepared to make a big fuss if I stay at a hotel and can’t get the senior/AARP discount, on account of it being wrong to give discounts based on support for a partisan political organization. However, I’ve never been refused the discount.