Sep 232009

What a deal! I can upgrade FeedDemon 2.7, which I got for free, to a new version, also for free!

The disadvantage: The new free version displays advertisements.

The advantages: None that the Newsgator people are telling me about. No new features that they’re bragging about.

I would be glad to pay $10 and get an ad-free version, except there is no reason to that I’m aware of.

I used to synchronize with the Newsgator service so I could use the web product to synchronize my feeds and read them when I was away from my home computer. Newsgator discontinued that at the end of August in favor of Google Reader. Maybe I’ll use Google Reader some time in the future, but I’m happy now to do without synchronization and to read the feeds only on my home computer. I haven’t suffered any withdrawal symptoms at all. Life is less hectic this way. I guess I owe Newsgator some thanks for taking their service away and making my life simpler. So maybe I’ll buy a new version of FeedDemon at some point, but upgrading software for no advantage would be adding a complication to my life that would nullify some of the gains.