Feb 142009

Well, the stimulus bill has finally passed. Now our long, national nightmare is officially underway.

It’s as if the kids from “Lord of the Flies” landed not on a deserted island, but in a deserted strip mall. The larger faction has looted the place, starting with Best Buy and ending with the liquor store. Everything is in piles out in the parking lot, and they’re all pigging out. Now the Republican kids who held back (and the 7 Democrats) want some of the goodies, too.

The Washington Monthly says, “NOW THAT IT’S PASSED, REPUBLICANS LIKE THE SPENDING.” The comments are especially revealing. Here is what I posted in response:

I second Vincent’s opinion. Republicans who voted against the stimulus should be punished. Their districts should be cut out of as much funding as possible. This will demonstrate that the bill was not for the purpose of stimulating the economy, but for political aggrandizement. We already knew that, but it’s extra nice when we have constant, visible reminders long after the bill is passed.

Actually, I hope those who voted against the bill get as much of the loot as they can. I guess it’s a win-win situation. If they get some of the goodies for their own districts, then people can use some of it to contribute to dis-electing those who enacted the bill. If they don’t, we’ll have the constant reminder that the bill was not about the economy, after all.

Not a bad plot for a national nightmare.