Jun 242008

Two Chicago Tribune reporters write about George Carlin, ending their article thusly:

“Our attitudes have changed a lot,” Luntz said of the country. “We’ve become more tolerant, but, more important, we’ve become less outraged.”

Still, Carlin’s “seven words” retain their power.

You certainly won’t see them in this newspaper.

That’s not the only thing you won’t see in their newspaper. You won’t find a word in the web edition of their paper about Mark Steyn and the “Human rights” commission in Canada, either. Or if they did tell about it, you won’t find it by using the search function on their web site.

I wonder if they have anything to say about speech codes on college campuses, or the “free speech” zones that some of them use to restrict free speech.

Don’t shoot the messenger, they like to tell us. Well, if the messenger fails to deliver an important message, maybe that’s precisely what should be done.