Apr 282008

It’s no wonder Obama doesn’t like to talk specifics.

I went looking for some after I read the article at the Washington Post titled, “Obama links broad ideas to economic specifics.”

Despite its title, the article didn’t give any specifics. It does hint that those are to be found elsewhere, though. It says, “Obama
did not lack proposals for what he would do as president — his
planks took up a whole section of his stump speech.” But it seems
that the Post did not care to inform its readers about those.

So I went looking for myself and found this web page. If it really and truly represents the Barak Obama campaign platform, and Obama ever has a chance to implement it, we’re in for some major problems.

I’ll pick on just one item for now:

Obama believes we need to do more to promote economic development in Mexico to decrease illegal immigration.

If he really meant it, he ought to stop the NAFTA-bashing. And maybe he could show he has a clue about how to develop healthy relationships with Latin American countries by letting the U.S. go forward with a trade agreement with Columbia.

That’s just one. I’ll bash some of the others later. But if these are campaign planks, the lumber yard where he bought them ought to go out of business.