Apr 272008

Ok, I’ll bite. Suppose Obama engaged in some serious discussion. Just how would he bring jobs back to Anderson?

If you watched the last few weeks of this campaign, you’d think that all politics is about is negative ads and bickering and arguing, gaffes and sideline issues. There’s no serious discussion about how to bring jobs back, to Anderson.


From the discussion I’ve heard so far, the following are some possibilities:

  • Beggar our Latin American neighbors and try to hoard our stuff?
  • Raise capital gains taxes on job-producing investments?
  • Take money from other Americans so Obama can spend it in Anderson?
  • Try to create hostility among our Latin American neighbors such that we’ll need to grow the military to defend ourselves, and then spend some of those military dollars in Anderson?

Yes, by all means, let’s have a serious discussion about how to bring jobs back to Anderson.