Apr 122008

I’ve added a new blog to my list: “Speed Gibson: of the International Secret Police“. I noticed him over at SCSU Scholars when he made a remark about responsibility, pointing out that it’s not a standalone word. It means one has to be responsible to someone.

Well, that’s the way I’ve been saying it for the last 30 years. Here is the way Speed Gibson said it:

Reworking Thomas Sowell’s thought on “social justice,” what forms of “Responsibility” are there that are not social? Can someone be said to be irresponsible if alone on a desert island?

I had to check out somebody who would point this out, so went to his blog and found some delightful writings about the workings of his local Minnesota school districts, into which he’s worked characters from Sinclair Lewis’s books. Maybe that description doesn’t make any sense, but there are some interesting insights inside all the fun he seems to be having. I’m going to pay attention to this one, at least for a while.