Jan 292008

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama keep talking about bringing about change.

It so happens they’re not the only ones.   Microsoft wants to bring about change, too.  It wants to change all of our Windows XP machines to Windows Vista ones.

And just as Hillary and Barak have taught silly people to mouth the same words about change, so has Microsoft.  Here is how an Infoworld article summarized it:

Other readers suggested that those who wanted to stick with XP were doing so because they simply didn’t want to invest in new hardware. All OS conversions cost time and money and change is just part of the technology landscape.

So some obstructionists don’t want change because they don’t want to spend the money.  Yes, I’d say that’s true in politics as well as in computers.

And that 2nd sentence about the technology landscape is great.   Technology changes and change is expensive, therefore we should quit griping about the lack of a good reason to change and should pony up.

If Hillary and Barak don’t offer any specifics  about what change they want, is it because the change they want us to make is the political equivalent of Vista?