Jan 242008

It makes one wonder if people are so used to saying “Double standard for women” that they’ve forgotten what it actually means.

It’s in a newspaper article (as opposed to a news article) in Wednesday’s Kalamazoo Gazette titled, “Big girls do cry.” A woman who is identified as “vice mayor of Kalamazoo and economics professor at Kalamazoo College” is quoted as saying:

I think there is a double standard for women. Women can’t be too emotional in public, and yet if they appear unemotional, then they are characterized in a very negative fashion.

Usually “double standard for women” means one standard gets applied to women and another to men. But in this particular case, how would it be any different for a man?

I suspect somebody’s brain was on autopilot.

Oh, well, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the Gazette found an excuse to spend almost a full page puffing Hillary Clinton for president, without her having to spend a dime of her campaign dollars on it.

And I look forward to seeing the same people who spend so much time writing about Hillary’s tears the next time there is a Clinton scandal. Then they can bemoan all those distractions from the real issues facing America.