Jan 182008

Maybe one of the reasons the Clintons always have the aura of B-movie gangsters is shown in this item from the New York Times: “Bill Clinton, Stumping and Simmering“.   They act as though their boorish behavior is justified because questions from the other side are somehow not legitimate questions.  It’s not a good attitude for the leader of the free world to have.  Note that sentence about what Bill’s campaign staff uses as a justification for his behavior.

Hillary Rodham Clinton may be the spouse running for office, but it is more Bill Clinton who appears to be feeling the heat.

After weeks of complaining publicly about Barak Obama’s record, the news media’s coverage of the Democratic presidential race, or both, Mr. Clinton on Wednesday ripped into a television reporter who had asked him about a Navada lawsuit concerning participation in the state’s caucuses this Saturday. Mr. Clinton believed the question had seemed sympathetic to Mr. Obama’s stakes in the suit, Clinton campaign officials said.