Oct 192007

I’ve told the Audible.com people that I’d like to sign up, but first they have to fix their wretched web site.   I’ve pretty much run out of books for my MP3 player from our public library’s Netlibrary subscription, other than Pimsleur language recordings.

But it’s too painful.   If I go to their web site and elect to Browse for history books, I get a web page that says “Audible has 1587 history titles with more being added all the time.”   And it displays eight of them, and offers to let me listen to samples.  But there is nary a link by which to browse to look at more than those eight.   To do that, I have to use their complicated search page.  But I don’t want to search.  I want to browse — one handed, with my mouse, not my keyboard.   Most library card catalogs have decent browse functions to provide serendipity almost as good as you can get browsing the stacks.  But audible.com doesn’t get it.   False advertising, I’d say, telling me to “Browse and Discover”, and then provide no means to browse.