Sep 262007

I got called in for jury duty today, and was sent home after a morning in the jury assembly room.   Hopefully that will be the extent of my duty this time.

I didn’t exactly spend my time in that room, though.   I walked out when the television was turned on — presumably to pacify us while we waited.   I couldn’t walk far enough to get completely away from the idiot noise that came out of the box — they don’t want potential jurors mingling with people involved in the cases.  But at least I could stand out there and read a book without being made dumber for every minute that I would have spent in the same room with the idiots on the tube.

Why is it that we’re not allowed to bring cell phones and communications devices into the building, yet they’re allowed to assault us with television?   And they don’t allow smoking.  They try to protect us from second-hand smoke, but what’s the point when we have second-hand teevee idiocy around us?

The least they could do is provide a separate non-TV room where those of us who don’t want to listen to second-hand idiots could go?   Eventually, people will realize this tv crap is a greater threat to health than smoking, and all public places will be made teevee free.     (Don’t get me started about hospital waiting rooms.)