Aug 122007

We’re just now finishing up breakfast at a campground. I was telling my wife how I dreamt last night that I introduced the new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to the Clintons. He was someone I had met earlier in the dream, very young, and presumably conservative, though I can’t say who he resembled. My wife and I were sitting at a table in a church basement-like setting when the Clintons came over and sat down across from us. I think there was some conversation, though I’ve already forgotten that part of the dream. Then the young Judge came over to the table, and I figured the proper thing would be to introduce him to the Clintons. They were speechless at seeing this young Judge, and looked at each other, but Bill soon recovered and gave him some of his “You know, we have to work together, blah, blah, blah.”

I think the stimulus for this encounter was an old article of Peggy Noonan’s that Opinion had mentioned a day or so ago:

“Peggy Noonan more or less predicted 9/11 (and Bill Clinton’s evasion of responsibility for it) in a Jan. 19, 2001, column, and we don’t remember being particularly perturbed as we edited it.”

The part of Noonan’s article that got me to thinking was this:

That the speech was lacking in grace or largeness goes without saying, that it offered seemingly wise and even avuncular words with a subtext of political aggression and competitiveness was in its way perfect. That is what Mr. Clinton’s career has been, aggression offered as sympathy.

I used to say similar things back in those days, but not in such fine words as Ms Noonan used.

It had been quite a few years since I met any presidential persons in my dreams, and this was the first for a Supreme Court Justice. And it’s nice sitting at the campground picnic table to use the internet, but the sun is coming up to make my screen hard to read, and it’s time to be off on a bike ride.