Jun 272007

Here’s John Edwards on Ann Coulter:

“I think she [Mrs. Edwards] was making it clear that we can’t continue to tolerate this kind of name-calling and hate-mongering,” Edwards said. “We have to elevate the discussion because this is all calculated to keep us from talking about … the things that affect people’s lives, like men and women dying in Iraq.”

Source: We Have to Elevate the Discussion

And then watch Edwards’ supporters respond by spewing venom and hatred against Coulter at this blog at the New York Times.

Edwards Coulter P.S.

One of my favorites was this one posted by “Joe”.

I hate Ms. Coulter and I do not understand why she is aloued [sic] to have a voice on TV.


This was mild in comparison to what some of them said.

Maybe these people think Edwards’ advice applies only to the other side.