Feb 092007

From chron.com and the AP

Snow called Pelosi’s office to make sure she knew the White House supported her use of a military plane.

He also distanced the White House from the GOP’s take on the matter. The Republican National Committee said Pelosi was on a “power trip.” Snow, asked whether the RNC is free to go after Pelosi on its own, said, “Well, apparently they did this time.”

A “power trip.” That would be a good name for Pelosi’s plane.

I for one have a big problem with this, no matter what Tony Snow says. Having her own plane helps free her from the need to make the skies safe for all travelers, not just those who are in positions of leadership. Maybe she’d have to be more responsible in dealing with terrorism if she didn’t have special protections that the rest of us lack.

I didn’t know that Hastert got special privileges, either, nor did I have a lot of sympathy for Newt’s complaints. But two wrongs don’t make a right. These people ought to live in the real world they are elected to represent instead spending their time jockeying for elite perks and privileges. It’s a corrupting influence on them.

Maybe if we had term limits to bring them down to earth once in a while, I’d have a different opinion about it.

I also have a big problem with special protections for judges and police. Those people, too, ought to be making the streets safe for everyone, not just for the privileged few.