Nov 112012

Long before the Benghazi scandal, Republicans complained that President Obama didn’t give enough attention to national security.  The apparent lack of concern seemed to be exemplified by the Benghazi affair, in which Obama officials seemed to stand by while their people on the job in Libya were killed.  In the weeks before the election, Republicans grew frantic, trying without success to get the news media interested in the problem.

But now, success! President Obama and his news media have listened to their concerns, and now take national security ultra-seriously.  So seriously, that even the remote possibility of getting classified information through blackmail must be nipped in the bud.  So Petraeus has to go, even if it means it will be more difficult for him to testify about the national security situation in Benghazi.  But no sacrifice of national security is now to0 great to make for the sake of national security.

Concerned after discovering correspondence because of an earlier Chinese hack into the Google Inc. e-mail service, which the McAfee Internet security company dubbed “Operation Aurora,” the FBI was investigating whether Petraeus’s private or CIA e-mail accounts had been compromised, the official said.

They so far have found no evidence of a security breach, any loss of classified material or any evidence that another foreign power was aware of Petraeus’s infidelity, which the official said could have exposed him to blackmail.

via FBI Probe That Uncovered Petraeus Affair Began After Complaints – SFGate.