Aug 042011

This photo is of a hole I was digging in my back yard several years ago.  It provided some very clean fill dirt for our new garage.   I dug it deeper than this before I was done, but unlike our national economy, I never dug it so deep I couldn’t get out.  It has since been filled in.

Speaking of digging ourselves in deeper, there is an interesting side to the left’s hysterical screaming of the last several days.   If you let them rage and rant long enough and loud enough, eventually they will scream off-message and let a bit of the truth leak out.   That seems to be what happened with Rep. Mike Doyle.

For a couple of weeks it was all about how to deal with the deficit.   We knew the left was not particularly interested in reducing the deficit, of course, because Pres. Obama wouldn’t even give up his $128 billion in walking-around money for the 2012 re-election campaign.     But they tried to sell the idea that higher taxes were needed in order to reduce the deficit.  A few of their own followers may even have believed it.

But now, Rep. Mike Doyle confirmed what we knew all along.  It wasn’t about deficit reduction.  It was about Democrats feeding their spending habit.    “We have negotiated with terrorists.  This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

And did Vice President Biden try to steer Rep. Doyle back on message by reminding him that deficit-reduction was the object?   No, all he could do was agree that the Democrat opponents have acted like terrorists.

And if anyone thinks it was just one rogue Congressman, President Obama couldn’t help himself, either.   Now that there was no reason to restrain himself, he came out promoting more  of his wild spending plans, aka “key investments.”

See Michelle Malkin’s column, Back to Big Government-Spending as Usual