Nov 062010

I posted the following note in response to the WSJ article, “Bernanke Stands by Fed’s Moves.”

It’s time to retire the dollar as a unit of exchange. Instead, we should institute a new currency called the Bernanke. There is no need to design separate 1-Bernanke, 5-Bernanke, and 20-Bernanke notes. Those numbers are meaningless, anyway. Print the notes without numbers. Prices can be given in units like handfuls — 5 gallons of gas might cost you two fistsful of Bernankes. A car might cost you a hundred bushels of Bernankes. It doesn’t really matter, since they will be basically worthless.

Nov 042010

A problem in academia: Free expression is unregulated:

“It’s free expression, but nobody is walking through, regulating it,” she said. “They’re just letting it happen, and it’s not just racism, but gender, sexuality and religious discrimination.”

URL here.

As James Taranto explains: “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the war room!” (I learned about this from Taranto’s Best of the Web Today.)

Nov 022010

So far the election results are disappointing in that the polls seem to have been pretty much correct. I haven’t seen any results that knocked pollsters for a loop. It’s best when pollsters err by underestimating the liberal-conservatives, but any kind of messed-up progosis is a cause for joy.

This means voters are telling the truth when pollsters call. That isn’t the sign of a healthy democracy.