Feb 272010

I posted the following in response to the Battle Creek Enquirer article, “Stations pull ad critical of Schauer.”

“It just goes to show powerful special interests will say and do anything to maintain the status quo that keeps them rich while Michigan families are struggling,” Andrew Piatt, campaign manager for Schauer for Congress, said in an e-mail Friday.

So the Independent Women’s Voice isn’t allowed to use its own money to distribute an inaccurate statement, but the Enquirer will circulate an irresponsibly inaccurate statement by Andrew Piatt free of charge, with no fact-checking. Interesting.

  • PhredCannotDie

    Independent Woman’s Voice is a shill for the Heritage foundation. Nothing remotely independent there.

  • Reticulator

    Uh, huh. And who is Andrew Piatt shilling for?