Nov 062009

Here is a letter I sent to Rep. Mark Schauer this morning.

Rep. Schauer,

Please vote against the Pelosi health plan. Please save your vote for health care reform, instead.

In past generations many of our young soldiers gave their lives to keep our country from going down the road where the Pelosi plan will take us.

Don’t let our country become a hellhole like the UK with a surveillance camera on every corner and anti social-behaviour ordinances that overturn the rule of law, but which are necessary to deal with the social pathologies that result when one’s personal decisions are of little consequence.

There is much the government can do to improve our country’s health care. Congress can remove the extreme injustice by which the self-employed, the unemployed, and and others do not enjoy the same tax advantages in purchasing insurance that those of us who work for large corporate entities have. Congress can empower people to make meaningful choices to manage health risks. These are dangerous and terrifying choices, but denying us the ability to make these choices, as the Pelosi plan will do when it takes its natural course, will make us less than human.

And Congress can help those whose pre-existing conditions preclude the purchase of health insurance. Forcing insurers to become something other than insurers, as the Pelosi plan does, is the absolute wrong thing to do about it.

I suspect that if we were allowed to see what else is hidden in the Pelosi plan before Congress gets a chance to vote on it, we’d find many other things wrong with it, too. Otherwise, why is it necessary to use deceit and secrecy to get a bill passed without our knowing all the details of what’s in it?