Jul 202009

After reading “So Three Cows Walk into Court…” in The Weekly Standard, I decided it was time for a blog article about the wacko-extremists in the Obama administration. First there is the guy who advocates censoring the Internet, now there is this one who thinks animals should have standings to sue in court. Could Obama have been elected if he had made known such people would grace his payroll?

Then I realized: These two guys are one and the same wacko. His name is Cass Sunstein. He’s described as a Harvard professor (nothing unusual there) and a close friend of the president.

Y’know, it’s not so bad that the president has pals in the terrorism business (Bill Ayers), or hate-mongering preacher-friends like Jeremiah Wright, or even an anti-liberal, leftwing fascist friend like this Cass Sunstein appears to be. There are other politicians who could benefit from knowing some of the more unbalanced, extreme elements in our society. It’s not even so bad that he put one of them on the payroll, though I am absolutely against my tax dollars being used for something like that.

The bad thing is that President Obama didn’t have any time left to learn any history, especially history about freedom vs security, about human aspirations, and about the uses and abuses of power. He seems to have the level of education of your stereotypical college sophomore — intoxicated with a few novel ideas that are popular among his clique, and completely lacking in perspective.