Jul 092009

Interesting. Page one of the WSJ says, “U.S. Rethinks How Best to Pay Pros. I wondered how anyone could possibly know what the U.S. was thinking, so I clicked on the article. There I learned that the page one headline had lied to us. Instead of the U.S., it’s the White House that’s thinking these thoughts. (“White House Rethinks How Best to Pay the Pros.”)

That’s kind of what I suspected.

Actually, I’d rather leave it up to the U.S., or more specifically, to the hundreds of millions of people who have an even greater number of factors to consider in evaluating the services of these pros. The Obama administration may have a lot of intelligent people, but if these people think they are intelligent enough to design pay incentive systems for these professions, they are not nearly as smart as they think they are.

But if they think they can handle the job, maybe they should first prove it. They could start by designing and codifying an incentive pay system for the members of the administration.

Hah. I thought that was an original idea until I read to the end of the article.