Jun 042009

This is just creepy. Yes, a speech can be an important and influential event, but for it to have such an impact so quickly? And how would a reporter have any possible way of knowing these things without doing extensive polling?

Why not just tell us what Obama said and what the crowd reaction was? That’s all we really know for now.

Washington Post headline: “Muslims Seem Won Over by President; U.S. Adversaries Unmoved.”

CAIRO, June 4 — President Obama’s choice of Egypt as the site of his address to the Muslim world endeared him to Egyptians, who are always proud to host a foreigner and show off their history.

That he came to downtown Cairo, instead of heading to the Sinai beach resorts where the country’s diplomatic gatherings are often held, told them he was serious about connecting on a personal level.

When he sprinkled his speech with words from the Koran and balanced support for Israel with a strong call for a Palestinian state, the deal was closed.

Maybe the Washington Post now hires clairovoyants as reporters?