Dec 202008

Headline from the Obama campaign organization (aka The Associated Press): “In Cabinet, Obama goes for experience, pragmatism”

A million bloggers have probably noticed that if he goes for experience and pragmatism, he isn’t going for [you guessed it]. The AP has an explanation for that.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama has wholeheartedly embraced experience in choosing his Cabinet. That may seem at odds with the president-elect’s campaign theme of “change we can believe in.” But some Democratic activists and nonpartisan analysts say it makes sense, given the dire economy and public anxiety.

So let’s see if we have this right: When times are good, we need change. That must explain why that word was used so much during the campaign. But when times are bad, we need the same old, same old.

And to think that some of us were bothered by George W. Bush’s difficulties in expressing a coherent thought.