Dec 192008

I had thought that whatever else you might say about Barak Obama, you had to acknowledge that he was an Internet-savvy guy. He used the Internet to raise tons of money. He used his Blackberry while John McCain was oblivious to such technologies.

Well, it turns out that Obama’s transition team has been Google-deprived, or it would have known better than to communicate something like this:

Only one outside economist contacted by Obama aides, Harvard’s Greg Mankiw, who served on President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, voiced skepticism about the need for an economic stimulus, transition officials said.

They contacted only one. What a narrow, cramped world they live in, as they and their media groupies are about to find out.

Those of us who ARE internet-savvy know it already. Representative John Boehner is compiling a list of economists who are stimulus spending skeptics.

HT to economist King Banion at SCSU Scholars