Nov 292008

Jon Friedman at CBS News Marketwatch says he and others in the MSM are having some Obama-Remorse. Now that they’ve puffed up Obama when it counted, they would like to balance it by criticizing him a little when it doesn’t matter so much. It’s similar to what happened when Clinton was elected, and for that matter after every election that I can remember. The MSM waits until it doesn’t matter any more and then sets the record straight so it can claim some semblence of objectivity.

CBS Marketwatch concludes by posing the MEDIA WEB QUESTION OF THE WEEK: “Have the media treated President-elect Barack Obama too kindly for the past year – and, if so, should that kind of treatment end now that he has won the election?”

I presume the answer to the first question is obvious to everyone. As to the second, I suggest that the MSM not overdo the Obama-Remorse. They should criticize him just enough to salve their consciences, but not so much as to reform their behavior. It’s a great time-saver knowing that the MSM are completely predictable. If they tried to report objectively, then people would have to start taking them seriously — perhaps even reading and watching what they have to say. This would cut into peoples’ already busy schedules. Other, more worthwhile activities would have to be eliminated to make room.

No, it’s better that the media just keep on doing the behaviors we’ve come to expect.