Nov 012008

Ever wonder what the moonbats say to each other when they think there are no conservative liberals around? Check out Wonkette’s post about Sarah Palin’s baby. Yes, it’s disgusting and will make you throw up. But she’s actually nice compared to the people who added their comments. I see that comments are now closed — it was apparently too much even for Wonkette — but I saved the whole works — 23 screenshots worth. (Her blog posts don’t print properly.)

Here are some samples:

  • Such a cute picture of the proud mom…sister…whatever
  • Ugh. I hate that look people get on their face when they are happy to be holding a baby. It is all domestic and other disturbing things.
  • How mean to dress the down syndrome kid as Dumbo
  • I thought an unaborted mongoloid baby was the symbol of the Republican party.
  • I know–it’s not his fault his parents are the 2 dumbest, conniving-est, corrupt, selfish people on the planet.
  • It’s so sad how Sara Palin is using her family as a sympathetic cover up of her ill knowledge of the world. An elephant outfit for the American People who cannot pay their mortgages. I wonder what she defines as happiness but the only conclusion I can come to is more money to the GOP and nothing for me?
  • Welcome to Sarah Palin’s soul: It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  • I’ve learned to read the comments before I personally spew, but I’ve got to violate my rule and just say: STOP WHORING YOUR BABY ON THE WORLD STAGE. I have zero tolerance for your shit at this late stage. FUCK OFF, PALINS!!!!!!111!!!!111
  • Can we just get Bristol hooked up wtih Kevin Federline after she gives birth? This (and a ticket to Vancouver) would immediately give that Levi guy a break and in about twelve years solve Alaska’s underpopulation problem.
  • May I please report child endangerment? She may not have aborted, but I assure you she’s spent the last few months trying to kill this poor baby!!!
  • And all the Palin inbreds must be so proud that Baby Daddy dropped out of high school to go work on the pipeline. Really? That’s what the fundy cretins want for their kids? If the Palins represent family values, I’d like to know whose family, exactly? The white trash of Tobacco Road?
  • You’re just pissed that nobody dressed you up in an elephant costume. But there’s still hope. Put down your bible, climb upstairs from your basement bedroom and ask mommy if she’ll dress you up as an elephant and massage your trunk.
  • What is the difference between Sarah Palin’s ass and her mouth? Not everything that comes out of her ass is moose-scented diarrhea. And her baby’s stupid.
  • Attention pious ‘pug troll losers: Please fuck right off back to or wherever it is you vile fucktards hang out nod and spew gibberish at each other….Posting here is for “reality-based” thinkers and that means you don’t qualify. I am tired of arguing with you ignorant, racist troglodytes. You morans aren’t educated enough for us to waste the time. All one has to do is look at the misspellings and bad grammar inherent to most wingnut troll posts….I’ll tell you what is TRULY reprehensible… (2). Bringing a retarded child into the world knowing that it will never be able to take care of itself or have a normal life just to validate your nutty God-botherer credentials to teh [sic] other nutty God-botherers.

But in case anybody gets the idea that all the hate-filled crazies are now on Obama’s side, there has to be one commenter who comes along to prove otherwise — a right-wing hater wishing the left-wing haters to die of AIDS.