Sep 052008

More mindreading from the nation’s press:

Headline: “Heart Duo Furious Over Republicans’ Use of ‘Barracuda'”

From the article: “But the Wilsons are furious their song has been linked in with the McCain campaign trail, and are demanding the track is scrapped from further promotional duties.”

How do the writers of that article know these Wilson people are “furious”? We can know that they sent a cease and desist letter. We can know that they criticized the McCain-Palin campaign for using their song. But we have no way of knowing that they are furious about it. They might be acting furious, I suppose, but we’d need to see some evidence even of that. As to whether they are actually furious, we have no way of knowing. They might be claiming to be furious, but if that’s the case, the headline should read: “Heart Duo Claim to be Furious over Republicans’ Use of ‘Barracuda’.”

BTW, I have no idea what that song is like.

Sep 042008

Headline in today’s Rupert Murdoch newspaper: “Focus Turns to Palin Record

Oh, yeah? And just how would our intrepid news reporters know about a thing like that? Do they have a direct quote from Mr. or Mrs. Focus? Do they have statistical data that reports on The Focus?

Or are they just telling us about the inner workings of their own minds.

FWIW, I did a google search on “Focus Turns to Palin Record” and got 608 hits. Substitute the word Obama for Palin, and I got no hits unless I remove the quotes. Same for McCain or Biden.