Jul 232008

I learned from Postmodern Conservative that one of my favorite columnists, Robert Novak, is alleged to have hit a pedestrian with his car and then tried to leave the scene.

As a long distance bicycler and bicycle commuter, I want to see dangerous driving behavior punished.  Maybe it was my imagination, but on my ride home from work tonight an oncoming white monster pickup wanted to play chicken with me.   I just pointed my bike directly back at him until he got back in his lane and roared off as loudly as he could.   We don’t need that kind of crap on the roads.    On the other hand, it’s no worse than the recklessness with which people are pushing so-called universal health care with no regard to the consequences for our civil liberties.   That behavior needs to be punished, too.

BTW, Novak would still be one of my top favorites even if he had to write his column from a jail cell, which perhaps he should be doing.