Apr 102008

So, the same people who oppose warrantless wiretaps want Big Brother to set up surveillance cameras to monitor airport screeners to make sure there is no profiling.

With nearly 50,000 screeners nationwide, the civil rights and minority groups say “it is unrealistic to believe that a policy created in Washington is being implemented flawlessly on the ground.”

The groups also said, “Broad individual discretion allotted to screeners also allows them to bring individual biases to the screening process.”

“This places our communities and all Americans at risk because individual [screener] biases may distract from actual security threats at the airport,” the groups said.

But I guess it’s OK to profile airport screeners and subject them to additional screening to make sure they’re all working like mindless robots, even though it’s unrealistic to expect them to do so.

HT to American Thinker for the “Irony Alert.” The article is from the Washington Times.

(I reserve the right to be opposed to warantless wiretaps myself, even if it associates me with these unsavory characters.)