Nov 202007

Yikes!  Well, I wasn’t planning to vote for any Republican candidate for president this year, anyway, but Jonah Goldberg is right.   Mike Huckabee is one scary guy.   (Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times:  Ron Paul isn’t that scary:  It’s that over-do-gooder Mike Huckabee who should be making conservatives nervous.)

In this respect, Huckabee’s philosophy is conventionally liberal, or progressive. What he wants to do with government certainly differs in important respects from what Hillary Clinton would do, but the limits he would place on governmental do-goodery are primarily tactical or practical, not philosophical or constitutional.

I’ll probably vote for Ron Paul, but would I do so if he had a chance of winning?  I’m not sure.

(Thank you to Joshua Claybourn’s post at In the Agora for referring me to this article. )