Nov 202006

One of many columns to profess abhorence at the new O.J. Simpson book:

How Low Can You Go?

To those who worried our violent, sex-obsessed, celebrity-crazed culture had at last reached the very farthest depths of depravity, O. J. Simpson and Judith Regan come bearing news: we had so much farther to fall.

And to do such a thing for money! Commentators profess to be aghast at OJ’s money grubbing and the media’s grubbing for money-generating publicity over the whole thing.

But is that really a new low? What about this: Doctors are calling for a debate over proposals for the “mercy killing” of severely disabled babies.

In both cases, you have the weasel words. OJ is writing about killing as if he had been the killer, but nobody is fooled about the “as if” part. The doctors profess to merely want a debate, and what could be more noble than a healthy debate? And everyone knows what the doctors want is not debate, but the right to eliminate expensive babies.

And then there is the money angle. OJ is doing it for his children, and so are the doctors. “A very disabled child can mean a disabled family,” they say. Translation: “it’s about the money.”